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General: 通用的 -s SESSIONFILE Load session from a stored (.sqlite) file -t TRAFFICFILE Log all HTTP traffic into a textual file --batch Never ask for user input, use the default behaviour 不要询问,使用默认选项

--binary-fields=.. Result fields having binary values (e.g. "digest") --charset=CHARSET Force character encoding used for data retrieval --crawl=CRAWLDEPTH Crawl the website starting from the target URL --crawl-exclude=.. Regexp to exclude pages from crawling (e.g. "logout") --csv-del=CSVDEL Delimiting character used in CSV output (default ",") --dump-format=DU.. Format of dumped data (CSV (default), HTML or SQLITE) --eta Display for each output the estimated time of arrival --flush-session Flush session files for current target --forms Parse and test forms on target URL --fresh-queries Ignore query results stored in session file --hex Use DBMS hex function(s) for data retrieval --output-dir=OUT.. Custom output directory path --parse-errors Parse and display DBMS error messages from responses --save=SAVECONFIG Save options to a configuration INI file --scope=SCOPE Regexp to filter targets from provided proxy log --test-filter=TE.. Select tests by payloads and/or titles (e.g. ROW) --test-skip=TEST.. Skip tests by payloads and/or titles (e.g. BENCHMARK) --preprocess --postprocess --update Update sqlmap

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